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that the bush administration didn't pay for things for eight years. medicare part d, two gigantic tax cuts and they were never paid for. the republican criticisms of the president's programs now about not paying for them, it's important to set the record straight here. >> very quickly. has he worked too closely with congressional democratic leaders and that's what's hurt him with independents? >> i think what's hurt everybody in washington, not just with independents, but democrats and republicans alike is this sense they're not dealing with the real issues that face people's lives. message out of massachusetts was stop messing around. we need an economic strategy. we need jobs. we need you guys to look after our interests and stop the messing around and get to work. i think that was loud and clear. >> former white house communications director, anita dunn. your boss was pretty loose last night though. >> i think he was feeling like he knows where he wants to go. yeah. >> loosy-goosy in a very formal setting. >>> coming up, search teams pull off another miracle rescue in haiti. >>> plus ha
entitlements. we all know, we have medicare, social security, the long-term imbalances. those are the big deficit issues. we august to start there. >> i want to go back to this fee again. the too big to fail issue. one of the financial regulatory reform ideas out there have been to create an uber-fdic, and it would essentially, it sounds like, work the same way. these big too big to fail firms have to pay more money into this system, whether it's shelia bair or whatever, but more money into this system. couldn't we just look at it that that way, that this is their too big to fail fee? >> that brings us back to the point you made in the introduction. which is sending a mental about future bailouts. if you're collecting a fee from everyone, or even from just the largest banks, saying, well, that's because of -- we have -- we know you're going to fail, now you've created the biggest moral hazard since fannie and freddie. that's how we got into the huge mess with fannie and freddie, which is we're going to lose even more money than we'll ever lose in the t.a.r.p., because they had an implied
in the medicare payroll tax. it would have the union excise tax, not going into effect until 2018. it would include -- it would get rid of the cornhusker kickback, all those compromises we're doing with ping-pong between the house and the senate bills, it would be in one bill and it would have to pass the house first. after the house would pass that bill, they then would pass the senate bill and then obama would have his majoring legislative victory and have health care reform. can they get there? yes. is it very difficult? yes. how does she have to get there? she has to get to 218. one thing that does not come up in this bill, this reconciliation bill, chuck, is abortion. bart stupak says he will not support the nelson language for abortion, which is in the senate bill. he's a vote. other pro-life democrats will be off that vote. she has to plug those holes, most likely with blue dogs that she allowed to walk away the first time. may not be so easy to get them to come aboard this time, chuck. >> that's right, luke. and one stay before the state of the union, it's entirely clear that the ro
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5